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Get Ready for a Summer Road Trip with These Essentials

Going on a road trip in the summer is always an exciting and thrilling occasion but, before you leave, it's important that you bring all the right tools and essentials so you won't be taken by surprise with an unfortunate situation. The experts at have put together a list of items you'll want for two kits: an emergency kit and a convenience kit. Check out the written list below or, if you need more details, watch the video at the bottom of the post. Happy driving!

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Your Budget Matters

An important consideration you must make before buying a vehicle is how much you are actually able to spend on one. Most vehicles are accompanied by monthly payments, to ensure you can afford these payments, you must make a budget.

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Ford Announces Another Upgraded ST Model for 2018

It seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the buzz about the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST in our last blog post, but today we’re moving on to another exciting updated Ford ST model. The information surrounding the 2018 model year Ford Focus ST is minimal, but rumors swirl around performance upgrades to the extreme, and that’s all we can really hope for.

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Make Every Day Count in the New Fiesta

Every day can be a party if you invest in the right car, truck, or SUV, because when you have the proper support, you can easily enjoy the best that life has to offer. Freedom is a major feature in every vehicle in our new Ford model inventory, and if you’ve ever driven a Ford Fiesta then you know it’s true.

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Categories: , Piles on Praise for 2017 Ford Escape

Hats off to our esteemed American automaker. In our estimation, it hit an absolute out-of-the-park homerun with its recently revised compact crossover, the 2017 Escape.

And lest you think we here at Valley Ford are merely blowing smoke, we suggest you scope the clip below. Here now to provide further insight to the latest Escape is pundit Joe Bruzek:

Though the Edge's 179-horsepower entry-level engine is certainly no slouch, it admittedly can't quite stack up to its beefier brother, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

Available as an option on the SE and Titanium trims ...

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2017 Ford Focus RS Stuns Staffers

If you're seeking something a bit out of the ordinary for your next vehicular purchase, we here at Valley Ford think you may well find just that in the form of the 2017 Focus RS, the American automaker's hot hatchback.

Will it be love at first drive for you two?

Truth is, only time will tell. So, for now, we invite you to click "play" on the clip below; here with more on all things Focus RS is Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

As you might expect from a vehicle that's all about high-octane performance…

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Get Those Tires Maintained!

Nobody wants to throw perfectly good money away, so why buy brand new tires before you have to? If you don't take the time to get your tires rotated regularly, then that's exactly what you will be doing-throwing away perfectly good money. Your tires are intended to last so many miles, and by not getting them rotated regularly, they will wear unevenly, shaving thousands of miles of use off the life of your tires. Not good. Tires are expensive and you want them to last as long as possible. You can't prevent your tires from wearing down-they…
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Your Old Car Battery: Does it Need to be Replaced?

When you have an older car, it may have an older battery as well. Or, you could have a newer car that sits in the garage for months at a time with the battery slowly wasting away. The older a car battery is the more poorly it operates. Since your battery is what makes your car run by activating the engine via the solenoid and starter, you need it to be in reliable condition so you can get where you want to be whenever you turn the key.

An older car battery needs to be replaced when your car rumbles…
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2017 Ford Fiesta Is Car for You in Every Situation

The 2017 Ford Fiesta is every day every situation car for you. Whether you're concerned about the weather or your safety Ford Fiesta got you sorted. If the temperature dips, the car comes with unique features that include heated exterior and first row seats as well as an automatic temperature control. These features allow you to drive confidently without worrying the impact of the weather on you.

The safety mechanism of the Ford Fiesta is unquestionably reliable.

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